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Superfast flipping of connecting rods and other new tricks

By Trevor Burns Applications Technology Manager at Wheelabrator We have a saying in the Applications team at Wheelabrator – the customer doesn’t want the machine, they want the end result. It sounds obvious, but it actually has profound implications not just for … Continue reading

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Sieving, screening, separating – the high-tech way

Ulrich Goos EMP Manager at Wheelabrator Plus in Germany Anyone at Wheelabrator who’s involved in automotive applications will have been talking or thinking a lot about complexity and control recently. More complex internal geometries of parts, more tightly integrated processes, … Continue reading

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Between spec and reality – do you really know how you’re peening?

By Ron Wright Automated Airblast & Peening Manager at Wheelabrator In high-spec peening applications in aerospace and automotive, precision and repeatability of peening results are critical to part life and performance. This starts with getting the process right to consistently meet … Continue reading

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Shot peening – a ‘must’ where safety is paramount

By Alain Portebois Sales & Marketing Manager, Charleville Technology Centre, Wheelabrator Shot peening makes parts stronger to improve their resistance to fatigue failure – that’s the simple conclusion of a highly complex story about residual tensile and compressive stresses. It’s also … Continue reading

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Is MINT the new BRIC? A look at infrastructure investments

By Viktor Lussi Sales Director, Wheelabrator There has been a lot of talk recently about the MINT economies (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey), who are also part of the “Next Eleven” list of emerging economies. Beyond the catchy names, these groupings … Continue reading

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Test it, accelerate it, integrate it – blast processes for automotive

By Heinrich Dropmann Sales Director, OEM Wheel Germany, Wheelabrator If you ask me what the trends are in Automotive that impact our day-to-day work as a blast equipment manufacturer, it’s not new materials or radically new processes that spring to … Continue reading

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How airblast conquered Automotive

By Alain Portebois Sales & Marketing Manager, Charleville Technology Centre, Wheelabrator While airblast peening has been widely and successfully applied for decades in Aerospace for improving or restoring the fatigue resistance of all critical components such as jet engine parts, landing … Continue reading

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